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In case you couldn’t make our December Office Hours, we closed out the year with a few laps around the latest version of SketchUp 2018. We were excited to have many new features including section fills, the ability to import DWGs in LayOut, and some other functional improvements. In a live demonstration, we showcased our favorite new features, how to use them in real time, and we answered many of your questions. Take a look at the full recap below.


Although we’ve used several methods to create detail drawings, SketchUp 2018 provides new opportunities for using LayOut for your construction documents. Now you can easily import any DWG files with a few simple clicks; each import arrives at the appropriate scale and is grouped neatly. Where you go from here is up to you, just think of the time saved by having to re-create all your libraries manually!

We had an interesting question about how to change direction of the shadows in SketchUp, also known as, ‘Solar North‘. Many of us knew that we had control of the time/date/month of how the shadows appear, but with the Solar North plugin made specially from SketchUp, we can customize the exact path of the sun direction. This comes in handy if you want total control over any shadows that appear in your elevation views.

Want to grab the Solar North Plugin? You can find it here.