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The start of 2019 was busy for us launching ConDoc 4.5 and all, but we recently got back to our live webinar sessions. This month, we chose a quick drafting and 3D modeling project creating a custom bathroom design from the ground up. There were a lot of great new features in ConDoc 4.5 that we were able to demonstrate on the fly, including our 2D to 3D workflow in LayOut, exporting and importing CAD into SketchUp, and then the best practices for creating 3D geometry using our ConDoc plugin that seamlessly allows you to use your 3D model to create 2D drawings with a few clicks. Don’t worry if you missed the webinar, we’ve got a full breakdown of everything we covered in the live webinar in this blog post. Check out our full recap and Q&A below.

Do you want the scrapbooks and all the cool resources we used to follow along in this webinar? Get the free 7-day trial of ConDoc here: