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When we talk about SketchUp, we often associated it with architectural or interior design fields. Surprisingly, there are many other professional fields that have started using SketchUp to bring ideas to life.


In the fall of 2016, we had the privilege of helping a local Denver artist named Reid Bruggemann who specializes in custom metal work, visualize and solve the corner solution for a complex railing installation. Reid Bruggemann has been designing and building custom furniture and architectural metalwork for over 20 years. He works in a wide range of styles, from modern to traditional, using steel, bronze, copper and other metals. Completed projects include: banisters, pergolas, chairs, tables, lighting fixtures and antique reproduction. For some projects, Reid creates unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. On other projects, he works from existing architectural designs. Some of his clients have included; Lou Reed, Linda Evangelista, Richard Gere, Yannick Noah and Paul Tudor Jones.


One of his most recent projects has been creating custom bronze railing for a private residence in Castle Rock. In this project, there were many instances where traditional drafting methods could not provide all the technical information required for production. Seeking a solution to these problems, Reid reached out to Brightman Designs for assistance. We then used our ‘go-to’ design program, SketchUp, and were quickly able to create accurate 3D models of the railing and use as reference for the missing technical dimensions.

The rail project was a perfect example of how SketchUp can be used in other fields to help make design concepts a reality. Creating a 3D model provides an easy way to review a complex design so that any changes can be made before fabrication. Be sure and visit Reid’s website where you can see many of his completed projects.