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Multiple Section Planes

Fresh from our February Online Help Session, we’ve compiled a youtube¬†playlist with all of the highlights. In last month’s session, Mike showed us a trick that very few people know when using Section Planes in SketchUp; how to create multiple Section Planes and how to layer them to achieve different visual results without the need to hide objects. We had a great list of questions we went over as well, check out the full playlist below.

February Online Help Session Recap:

  • Multiple Section Planes
  • Visibility of Geometry Pt. 1
  • Visibility of Geometry Pt. 2
  • Edge Settings
  • Additional Section Planes
  • Visualize in Lumion Sneak Peek
  • Benefits of Using ConDoc Tools
  • Graphics Memory Recommendations

We’re always eager to help you. Let us answer all of your questions by scheduling a 3D Helpline Session today. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the weeks to come!