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Customizing ConDoc Default Template

During our October Online Help Session, Mike demonstrated how to easily customize the Default Template included in ConDoc to match any graphic style, color palette, and brand identity. This is quite useful for professionals who want to stick to a set of visual parameters in each of their projects.  In his brief intro, Mike shows how to customize DRAFT Mode layer colors and how to change the Presentation style for perspectives, presentation plans, sections, and elevations. Mike also helped to answer many great user questions in SketchUp and ConDoc. Check out the entire playlist of highlights on our youtube page!

  • Customizing ConDoc Default Template
  • CAD in SketchUp
  • Tips for Displaying Furniture
  • ConDoc Pricing & Student Version
  • Using DRAFT Mode
  • Matching Lineweight Colors

If you’re in a crunch and have questions, sign up for an Online Help Session and we can help you take control of your project with expert tips and solutions.