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With each new release of Lumion, we find more ways to establish an incredibly efficient workflow. Lumion LiveSync for SketchUp Pro, is one new feature in Lumion 8.3 that has the potential to change the standards for the rendering market. We now have the ability to see real-time navigation in SketchUp, combined with all the high-quality visual generation that Lumion provides. It’s be best of both worlds and it will give you even more control over how you create renderings.

In March of this year, we hosted a live webinar event showcasing LiveSync and all of the new features in Lumion 8.3. Check out the full recap in our video playlist below and you can see the complete list of new 8.3 features on Lumion’s website.

In addition to our main demo of LiveSync for SketchUp, we got some great questions in Lumion and SketchUp. We had a blast with this event in our brand new office, and we’re excited to host some new events that we’ll share with you soon. Stay tuned!