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In our August Office Hours session, we assembled a demo on how to create detailed interior elevations in SketchUp using ConDoc Tools. Although you may gravitate toward using the ‘Section Cut’ tools in SketchUp, our ConDoc Tools plugin helps to automate the most difficult tasks and allow you a more seamless transition into creating construction documents. We also looked at how to bring your interior elevations into LayOut and some important items to consider when rendering your images.


The core benefits to using ConDoc Tools for creating section views is both speed and accuracy; you can optimize the ‘Section Tool‘ for both construction documents or design packets. This will allow you to represent your elevations with 2D linework by selecting construction documents or your elevations will be rendered images if you select design packets.

With each click of the ConDoc Tools, you’re already saving several steps that you would often have to create manually in SketchUp. These include customizing your layers, styles, and scenes to be oriented correctly and represented in tabbed scenes that you can use to integrate into your documents in LayOut.

Using ConDoc Drawings will provide a seamless integration to your 3D model in SketchUp. Once you have your elevations represented as you wish, simply drag and drop our custom scrapbooks in LayOut, relink the files to your model, and your viewports appear. You can then create clipping masks to hide the rest of your model, and quickly annotate and dimension your elevations using our scrapbooks. Any changes to your SketchUp model will update automatically in LayOut, so you’re guaranteed the ability to create your documents quickly and precisely.