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Office Hours Session

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ConDoc and Draft Mode

In our September Online Help Session, Mike presented an overview of the exciting new features in ConDoc V3.  After the presentation, attendees stuck around to ask some really great questions.  Mike presented solutions on the fly with a live demo regarding split level renovations, keyboard…
October 11, 2016
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SketchUp Drawing Foundations

During this SketchUp Online Help Session, I start out with a presentation on creating a watermark style using marker strokes poached from a Google image search.  After the brief presentation, I answered several questions with on the spot demos (see YouTube playlist below).  The following topics…
October 6, 2014
introduction to lumion
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Introduction to Lumion

Lumion is an amazing rendering software that will completely change the way you visualize and explore designs.  The software is extremely fast and easy to use, yet surprisingly produces beautiful photorealistic images and animations.  How?  Lumion relies heavily on your graphics card, similar to a video game,…
September 26, 2014
sketchup plugins
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SketchUp Plugins

The shape bender plugin makes modeling a complex curved staircase almost effortless. During this SketchUp Online Help Session, I start out with a presentation on SketchUp plugins and Extensions and how they will make you a faster and more efficient modeler.  I show you several…
September 8, 2014