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A Better Design Process

Recently I visited The University of Kansas School of Architecture to show the students a better way of thinking and designing in 3D. It's a common misconception that you can't create construction documents with SketchUp, and that over-priced, over-featured BIM is the only option. I showed…
December 12, 2019
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Interior Elevations

In our August Office Hours session, we assembled a demo on how to create detailed interior elevations in SketchUp using ConDoc Tools. Although you may gravitate toward using the 'Section Cut' tools in SketchUp, our ConDoc Tools plugin helps to automate the most difficult tasks…
September 18, 2017
BlogConDoc ToolsOffice Hours SessionSketchUp

ConDoc and Draft Mode

In our September Online Help Session, Mike presented an overview of the exciting new features in ConDoc V3.  After the presentation, attendees stuck around to ask some really great questions.  Mike presented solutions on the fly with a live demo regarding split level renovations, keyboard…
October 11, 2016