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Brightman Designs needs your help with launching an online library of 2D cutout characters for use in architectural renderings, just like the images on this page!

In today’s market there is a lack of quality, affordable, diverse, online libraries of 2D characters licensed for legal professional use.  We need photos of people just like you for the production of our 2D cutout characters! We will cut you out of photos and import your images into a 3D program to create 2D cutout characters. These characters will then be distributed to architects and designers around the world through a paid subscription website. Designers will use our pictures of you to breathe life into digitally created images of buildings before they are built in real life!

Everyone is welcome to participate, adults and kids! Each participant will spend approximately 15 minutes posing for photos and holding props.  In return for your participation (and signing our release), we will pay you $25, provide pizza, and treat you to Sweet Sweetz ice cream! There will be cold beer and soda in the back and cornhole out front to keep you entertained.  We promise that the process is fun and casual!


  • LOCATION: Brightman Designs, 2417 E. 28th Ave, Denver
  • DATE: Feb 24 – 28
  • TIME: 9AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM
  • ATTIRE: Casual / business casual / your everyday work or play clothes / medical scrubs / uniform
  • PAYMENT: $25 per person (Venmo, PayPal, or Amazon)
  • RSVP: Walk-ins welcome
  • CONTACT: Mike Brightman, 303.562.6666,