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Lumion 7 has arrived and it is spectacular! Render times are even snappier than before and the improvement in output quality is apparent with every image you create. Lumion 7 is another quality release, rather than a “feature release”; it already does everything extremely well, but they found room for improvement. The usability in Lumion continues to strive for simplicity, making beautiful visualizations achievable for every designer. Some key new features and improvements to look for include:

  • Leaves, Curtains, and Aged Material Collections
  • Area Light and Line Light Objects
  • Improved Transparency and Added Translucency (subsurface scattering)
  • Revised Material Editor
  • Expanded Rendering Options for stills and animation
  • Context import from Open Street Maps
  • Check out the official full list of new features at

Below are a my first images created using Lumion 7, exploring many of its new features:


Check out the tutorials below to see Lumion 7 in action. Download our files, follow along and learn where the new features live, how to use them, and learn valuable tips and tricks. Enjoy this new release and let us know what you think of our tutorial! Email Lourenco for your unwatermarked one-week pro trial today!