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Recently I visited The University of Kansas School of Architecture to show the students a better way of thinking and designing in 3D. It’s a common misconception that you can’t create construction documents with SketchUp, and that over-priced, over-featured BIM is the only option. I showed them that this is simply not true!

The Marvin Forum, where my lectures were recorded, was designed and built entirely by students participating in Studio 804. Check out their work here,

SketchUp far surpasses the efficiencies of 2D CAD, but falls short of the cost, complexity, and confusion of big BIM. Lumion fills in the visualization gap with extensive libraries of materials and objects, real time rendering, and beautiful effects. You can learn and implement this method in your design practice, it’s all explained in my book, “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture”.

It’s simple. Design and explore in SketchUp. Document and diagram in LayOut. Visualize and present in Lumion. The whole process is tied together using The ConDoc Tools and standards to keep you on track, always moving quickly and in the right direction.

Watch my two lectures to see it all in action, then give it a try for yourself. This design process is exactly what you have been looking for! 


On the design software spectrum, SketchUp Pro is light-years beyond 2D CAD, yet gracefully falls short of complex, expensive, over-featured BIM. So where does this sophisticated, yet simple software actually fit into a real design process? Every step of the way! The second edition of “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture” outlines a comprehensive system for designing and drafting the built environment using SketchUp Pro, which you’ll see in action during this presentation. You will see a 3D scan turn into existing conditions drawings, hand sketches blend into hybrid digital models, and finally a precise proposed conditions model instantly turned into construction documents. Designing and permitting your project does not have to be a painful or lengthy process. With the right software, standards, and workflow, you can put lines on paper today so you can build tomorrow.


Working against a deadline? Don’t worry, Lumion makes it easy to instantly transform SketchUp models into beautiful images, animations, and 360º panoramas. With the Live Sync for SketchUp functionality, you can see a polished, real-time view of your design in the context of the real world. During this presentation you will learn the capabilities of Lumion and best practices for a seamless SketchUp to Lumion workflow. You will also see tips and tricks that you can integrate into your professional workflow immediately. If you find yourself working against the clock, Lumion is your strongest ally. Now, even more than before, beautiful renders are within your reach.





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